The Zuffenhausen weapon on a scale of 1:18 with a large number of openings

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The Zuffenhausen masterpiece at 1:18 scale, adorned with numerous apertures, is the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Sporting a turbocharged 700 horsepower engine, this monstrous creation from Zuffenhausen boasts the optional Weissach package for enthusiasts who believe in pushing boundaries. The package includes a 30kg weight reduction achieved through the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and titanium components, as well as magnesium wheels that decrease overall weight and unsprung mass. AUTOart has meticulously replicated this GT2 RS, emphasizing its racing heritage over its streetcar origins, offering models in Miami blue with golden rims, as well as racing yellow, Indian red, and white, each with black rims. All models feature an authentic interior and a detailed engine compartment, with steerable front wheels and various accessible openings such as the hood, trunk, and doors.

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The legacy of the Porsche 911 is steeped in tradition, with the first model debuting as early as 1963. Despite numerous advancements, the Porsche 911 design lineage has remained largely intact, making it a uniquely popular vehicle to this day. The seventh generation, known as the 991 model, was introduced in 2011, followed by the GT2 RS in June 2017. The 991 generation marked a significant milestone in the 911’s history, with almost 90 percent of its components being redesigned. Notably, this was the first time a Porsche 911 model weighed less than its predecessor, owing to the extensive use of lightweight materials. The GT2 RS, however, stands apart as it surpasses all expectations, being 130 kg lighter than the Turbo S and the most powerful production model in the series’ 50-year history. Its carbon and magnesium construction, coupled with its rear-wheel drive, contribute to an unparalleled driving experience.

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In addition to the coupe variant, the 911 991 also saw the introduction of several other iterations, such as the Targa in 2012, the limited edition “50 Years 911” in 2013, the 911 R, the 911 GT2 RS, the 911 Speedster, and the millionth 911 produced in the 991 generation. The 911 991 GT3 RS is equipped with a 4.0-liter, 6-cylinder, high-revving naturally aspirated engine, generating 520 hp and accelerating from zero to one hundred in 3.2 seconds. On the other hand, the GT2 RS boasts a 700 hp 6-cylinder biturbo engine, enabling it to sprint from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 340 kph. Despite their differences, both models share notable features such as Recaro seats, internal roll bars, and prominent rear spoilers, showcasing the pinnacle of motorsport engineering seamlessly integrated into a road-legal vehicle. The 911 GT2 RS embodies the spirit of a high-performance sports car derived from motorsport expertise, while effortlessly meeting the demands of everyday driving.

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